Probably the most important decision you’ll make is where to settle in Perth.

Where you live will impact:

  • Where you’ll reasonably expect to work – based on the time and costs of commuting.
  • The quality of education your children can expect (and the type of friends they’ll make)
  • Your family’s quality of life – based on many factors such as disposable income, closeness to friends, distance to amenities. 

For most new migrants, choosing the suburb to live in will be a compromise between house costs/work location, quality of the environment for bringing up your kids, and your own rose-tinted ideals of how you see yourselves living in Perth.

Don’t be fooled, from day one you and your family will start putting down roots that are difficult to shift, if you find you make the wrong choice.So, ask yourself the hard questions, do your research - and don’t leave your family’s future happiness to chance.

We continually compile our own Suburb research - information that you won't find together on any other website. check it out our Perth Suburb Research section to see what we've got.